Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Do Your Grocery Shopping In A Smarter Way!

Grocery shopping is one of the biggest headaches in the world, and you cannot do without it too. You cannot keep yourself away from choosing, purchasing and carrying them back to your home. Importantly, budget is the factor that influences one’s shopping to a great extent. 
What if, we sat that grocery shopping can be made way too simpler and better, if you opt for online grocery shopping? Here are few of the tips that we are going to list out below, to make a better purchase! Read on, to find How.

Don’t be impulsive

Online store, often, comes with attractive sale offers. Do not be tempted at once, as you may regret it later, if you do not get what you actually needed. To avoid this pitfall, make a list of your grocery items beforehand.

Limit yourself to ‘fresh’ purchase

Online market will not let you touch and feel the freshness of the fruits and vegetables. So, it is advised that you go for the veggies and fruits, which are not likely to damage easily. Fruits like orange and pineapples do not get bruised easily, so you need to opt for such items, while buying from the online stores.

See for the items with reasonable price

Most of the websites prefer to show their expensive items at the first, in the list. Before ordering for the product, scroll down. You may come across products at affordable prices, which may fit into your budget.

Check out the expiry date

When you’re purchasing online for grocery items, you need to be watchful about the expiry dates. It could happen that by the time you’re charged for the item, the item expires. To avoid such situations and loss of money, watch for expiry dates. There are websites that intimate you about the expiration period of the product, so that you can buy them accordingly. Safeway.com is one of them, which alert you about the expiry of the product that you are looking for.

Contact customer service of the retailer

If there is any mishandling of your purchased product, then there are chances that your ordered items reach you in a damaged state. Do not just accept it. After all, you do not pay for the bruised products! Contact the retailer’s customer service team and let them know about the occurrence, either call them or send them e-mails. There are companies that reimburse for the damage caused or provide you a credit at your next purchase.

Once you’re done with the online shopping, sit and calculate certain things like—money spent or saved, time saved and of course, energy. If you find it more convincing than the physical store shopping, then it is all your decision to go for the kind of shopping that is better for you.

Authored by Mia Eddy, a crazy shopper and a passionate blogger. She works for international package forwarding services which offers economic pricing deals, also add-on offers to ship from usa to uk


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