Friday, 22 February 2013

5 Quintessential Kitchen Accessories for your Mom

Kitchen is the most important room in everybody’s house. This is the area where you cook food for your family. The efficiency of the kitchen depends more on how it is set than the amount of space it has. When you visit your relative’s houses, you will come to know about the different kitchen arrangements.  L-shaped, U-shaped, Galley type, Island type, and Single-line type are the types of few kitchen arrangements. It is designed depending on the amount of space left for kitchen area. Earlier kitchen and dining room used to be two separate rooms, but now the modern houses have adjoined kitchen and dining room.  Kitchen and its accessories are always treasured by ladies after their jewelry. Below are given 5 kitchen accessories that your Mom must like to keep in her kitchen:

Electric Mixer

This is the accessory that is required in all the kitchens. It is used for making whipped cream, puddings, cakes and other sweets. It is available with three different jars that are used for different purposes. With the help of this Electric Mixer, you can make mouth licking drink and chutney for yourself.


It is a tiny and a gracious utensil made by using steel precision casting. The name of this device might have given you a faintest idea that it could be used for cracking nuts. You are 100% correct if this thought has clicked to your mind. In ancient times, cracking a nut used to be very painstaking task; one would open a nut with both the hands with the help of a small punch. Nuts have always been a popular choice for desserts. With the advent of this Nutcracker, the chore of cracking nuts has become even easier. You just have to insert the point between the two halves of the nut and rotate it to apply pressure.

Grater Pen

Grater Pen caters you an ultimate grating experience. This equipment enables you to grate cheese, garlic, nutmeg and lemon peel. It is small, handy, easy to use and space –saving. The grated ingredients items are accumulated inside the grater and can be taken back once the grater plate is pushed up. It is effortless to clean and is dishwasher proof.

Pizza Cutter

A Pizza Cutter enables you to cut pizza with ease. Basically, you can find two kinds of Pizza Cutters-the first one is a Wheel Pizza Cutter and the other one is a large curved knife also known as Mezzaluna. These two aforementioned cutters come in different sizes as well. Both are effective, easy to use and effortlessly divide your pizza from top to bottom.

Bread Bin

A bread Bin is also known as breadbox and it is mainly used for storing bread and other baked items to keep them fresh. Earlier, Breadboxes were made from wood or sometimes by ceramic, but now the modern Bread Bin is made from stainless still with a flexible plastic cover. It permits the bread to release moisture gradually and that expands its life.
Mark your kitchen with contemporary equipments to make it more functional. All these above-mentioned accessories are instrumental in making your cooking experience an outstanding one.
Authored by Ana Williams, a crazy online shopping lover and a passionate blogger. She works for package forwarding services who provide US shipping address for those who reside outside US

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